Your pup's grooming includes...

...some variation of the following. The exact treatment varies depending upon the type of coat (long/short, shed/no shed) your pup has and whether he or she is here for just a bath or a full grooming.

Generally, your pup will receive:

  • Two Fresh Water Baths With Massage (We don't recirculate our bath water)
  • Conditioner (If Needed)
  • Fluff Dry
  • Cut Nails
  • Pluck Ears (If Desired)
  • Clean Ears
  • Brush Out
  • Haircut

When all done, we add the finishing touches - either hair bows or a bandana, and cologne.

Extra Special Services for Extra Special Pups

Sometimes, you want to pamper your pup just a little bit more. Sometimes, your pup plays with that pretty black cat with the white stripe down its back and needs an emergency grooming visit. Whatever the reason, we have some additional services that may be needed or wanted on occasion.

Specialty Baths

WhiteningTo brighten up your pup.
MedicatedFor itchy hotspots, sensitive or flaky skin.
"I roll in the dirt"For those who have a talent for getting themselves extra dirty.
Flea & TickTo get rid of those pesky critters.
Skunk TreatmentFor those who play with the pretty black & white kitty.


Deshedding Bath &
The undercoat will be loosened in the bath, and then removed with the Furminator tool. You will notice the difference in the amount of hair that stays in our salon, and does not make it onto your couch, rugs and clothing.

Other Services

Dental CleaningThis is done with a dental wipe, not a toothbush. Why? Because pups who do not regularly brush their teeth, will likely have sore gums after using a toothbrush. So these dental wipes clean the teeth and gums, without hurting your pup.
Nail Filing
With a Dremel
All nails are sharp when first trimmed. For pups who walk on pavement, this takes care of itself. However, for those pups who usually walk on grass, or those that like to jump up on you and occasionally "get" you with their nails, we can buff the nails smooth with a Dremel. This may be something for you to try.
Nail PolishFun, different, and sure to be noticed. This only works on pups whose toenails are visible, such as labs, shepherds and poodles.